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Looking to innovate but not sure where to start or what is possible? Scouting for ideas to create value with your data? Your digital transformation needs a boost?

VDD helps you define your digital & data strategy with actionable projects and an implementation roadmap.

Digital & Data
Digital & Data

​​Wondering how to optimize your spending and grow your business? How to increase your customers' retention and experience? How to reduce manual work and focus on value?

VDD proposes multiple solutions to help you achieve these objectives and more, through digital tools and descriptive, predictive or prescriptive analytics.

Business Optimization
Business Optimization

Having trouble with too many reports and yet limited visibility on your business? Looking to democratize and spread the use of data science across your organisation?


VDD gives you access to state of the art data science capabilities with automated reports and tailored applications across the entire company value chain.

Data Science & Analytics
Data Science & Analytics

Benchmarking competition  regularly for product and price information? Seeking to anticipate customer needs with the right product and the right message?

Our innovation lab has built turn-key applications available through a monthly licence. A number of successful use cases are also available.

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Turn-key Products
Turn-key Products

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Value First

Digital & Data technologies are enablers to generate value, whether from a business perspective or from customer one. Therefore, our approach is simply to start from the needs and go straight to the value.

Democratize Technology

Making the access to technology easy is key to ensure its successful adoption and its effective use. Translating the technical language in   user-centric resources and applications is a main pillar of our mindset.


Quick wins are essential to maintain short term viability. Future proof and scalable development covers the long term profitability. VDD's agile approach allows your initiatives to grow and mature.

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About us


VALUE DRIVEN DATA is an independent Dubai based startup founded by experts in digital transformation, data science and analytics with more than 40 years of combined experience in this field.

After several years deploying Pan-European and Worldwide digital solutions, VDD founders moved to Dubai, to manage the local branch of a European data science leader and the Digital Transformation department of an automotive giant. Beginning of 2020, they decided to join forces and launch a startup targeting the specific needs of the local market with state of the art technologies. The chosen name, VALUE DRIVEN DATA, expresses their culture to drive efficient and value generating solutions.


VALUE DRIVEN DATA's ultimate objective is to democratize the use of digital, data & analytics technologies.

We want to make these technologies accessible and easy to use for everyone, so that they find their place across value and decision chains to ensure both short term viability and long term efficiency.

Democratization and efficiency drive a new path for innovation, a path that will be guided by value, concrete applications and optimized evolution.


We are technology agnostic. Our value mindset and the experience of our team in multiple technologies ensures state of the art solutions for our customers.


We adapt to our customers needs: we have the ability to both develop from scratch using open source languages and deliver projects within the existing tools environment  to capitalize on previous investments.

Given this unique positioning, we can help our customers with "Make or Buy" decisions to choose best-fit, cost-efficient and future-proof technologies to fulfill their needs.