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Our powerful e-commerce solution, simplified

Our proprietary E-bench platform provides visibility into your e-commerce business, letting you know how well you’re doing and what areas of your business need improvement. It also gives you a competitive edge by providing insights into how you’re faring against your competitors and revealing what content makes the biggest impact on your customers.

E-bench empowers your business to:

  • Keep up with competitors by tracking their promotions, content and visibility

  • Consistently monitor competitor and retailer price dynamics

  • Gain valuable insights from ratings

  • Optimize and strengthen your supply chain

  • Improve your marketing and advertising ROI

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The benefits speaks for themeselves

E-bench is the right solution for you if your business requires:

Cost-efficient solutions

Cost is based on the users’ selection of category x country x retailer.

Comprehensive daily updates

New data is collected overnight and presented in an easy-to-read report every morning. 

Cross-platform agility

Data is translated across multiple major platforms, allowing you to access a full market overview.

Full category creation with minimal input

Our platform doesn’t require detailed product configuration to set up. SImply supply the information you have and sit back as E-bench collects all available products in the defined category.

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Choose E-bech for your business and discover the power of data-driven decision making

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