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About Us

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In the 21st Century, data is your most valuable asset

Value Driven Data is here to help your business to drill down and take advantage of the latest advancements in data science and analytics. Data science is the art of extracting value from data. Value Driven Data is a Dubai-based startup that was founded by big data experts to help brands to leverage data in order to create competitive advantages for their businesses. Drawing expertise from 40 years of combined experience, our business has created a platform where business owners, entrepreneurs and industry pioneers can use tools and techniques to extract, understand and act on business intelligence generated from large volume data sets.   The drive to innovate and add value is reflected in our company values and is the inspiration behind our name. From day one, our business has been built on the idea of putting clients first by focusing on finding solutions that not only solve their problems but create value for their businesses.


Our Mission


We’re on a mission to democratize the use of technology, adding value to businesses by giving them access to accurate and actionable data.



Our vision is of a future where data and digital technologies are accessible to everyone, empowering businesses to connect to their audiences.

Our Vision

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Why Partner with Value Driven Data?

Our reputation for excellence is built on the following foundational principles:

Our commitment to value

In our view, technology is an underestimated business asset with the ability to make a measurable impact for both businesses and their customers. Our approach is to start with the needs of the business and then to assess how we can leverage technology to add value. 

  Our drive to democratize technology

Enabling users to access technology is one of the most important things any business can do. Maintainers of simple, intuitive user interfaces are the ones that are the most successful. That’s why we’re committed to creating simple, easy-to-understand solutions that are easy for anyone to implement.  

  Our focus on sustainability

We don’t build and run. Instead, we leverage our futureproof approach to build the momentum your business needs to ascend to the next level. To us, sustainability means that we’re as invested in the outcomes of your business as you are.

  Our approach to technology

Technology companies in the 21st century need to do more than simply supply tech products, services and platforms — they need to supply solutions. They need to understand the customer’s business problems and provide them with tech-based solutions. It’s not enough to understand technology. We have to combine that understanding with the unique needs of your business in order to produce results. 


Why Dubai

If you want to get ahead in the tech industry, you have to position yourself in the hub of innovation.

Dubai is a hub for technology and a  gateway to many developing markets. As a result of its unique positioning, it is at the center of a fast growing market with a high demand for technology products and services. Its government has invested heavily in building a digital economy and has attracted the attention of many of the world’s largest technology firms, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Oracle, who have all set up technology hubs here.


Meet Our Team


Souhad Zeineddine

Souhad Zeineddine is the founder of Value Driven Data and an expert in digital transformation, data science and analytics. With over 12 years experience in defining and implementing data driven strategies, he has delivered solutions in more than 40 countries.

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